Client Testimonials

Outstanding Communication and Photos

Dear Kevin and Ryan,

Oh my, where do we begin to thank you?! From the minute Joe and I met you both, we knew you were honest and hardworking and talented folks! Joe still talks about the handwritten letter you sent us a year ago! He said, “I like the way they do business. It is just like we do and it is a family business, as well.” Hence, our relationship with our Marco project.

Even though our “small” addition above the garage blossomed (ha ha) into a massive remodeling job, we are overjoyed with what you accomplished! Words alone cannot describe […]

Outstanding Teamwork with Subcontractors

Dear Kevin and Ryan, We would like to express again what a pleasure it was working with you on the house project. We have worked on many building and remodeling projects that can’t compare with the workmanship and quality you put into our home. You have assembled a crew of subcontractors that are true craftsman who take pride in their work, which seems to be a lost trait these days.

We can’t tell you how grateful we are that you recommended Theresa to us. She has done a phenomenal job for us as you said she would. You and Theresa have […]

Meticulous Supervision

We would recommend Kevin Williams Construction to anyone interested in building on Marco. In fact we already have recommended Kevin Williams to several people. Kevin and Ryan give a level of attention to each home they build that is above and beyond. Every detail of our construction was meticulously supervised. They responded to every question and request we had throughout the building process with care, knowledge and professionalism. Kevin and Ryan made the building of our home very easy. Our home turned out even better than we imagined thanks to their help and guidance. From the design stage to completion, […]

Coordinated Scheduling; On-Time Delivery

Kevin communicates clearly, works diligently and gives you the best in quality. He listens to the customer and responds promptly and appropriately. In contrast to almost all the other Marco builders, Kevin works on your project as various phases are ready to be done. He does not schedule his work based on when you are going to be next on the island – and still be behind schedule when you arrive. Finally, and most importantly, Kevin is a contractor and person of the highest degree of integrity and character. Beth and I have been involved in several residential projects in […]

Competent Help with Design and Planning

We purchased our first Condo on Marco Island in 1978. When we retired we thought it was time to build our Island Dream House. Fortune was on our side when we met Kevin Williams. He helped us design and plan all the details from beginning to end. Kevin is honest, trustworthy and a very competent builder. We regard Kevin as a friend who is always there for us. We are extremely happy with our beautiful home and continue to receive “Raves” from everyone that sees our home. We highly recommend Kevin Williams, a fine Craftsman, to you to build the […]

Highest Quality of Craftsmanship

Having owned several homes and remodeled them, my wife and I were concerned about undertaking the project of building a large home on Marco Island while living in another state. Columns and intricate molding decorate the walls, ceilings and arched doorways through out our home. The level of professionalism and sincere personal care readily delivered by the knowledgeable and hardworking team of Kevin Williams Construction made this experience truly a pleasure. The quality of craftsmanship can only be described as above and beyond perfection. Their dedication to my family is invaluable and I am looking forward to a lasting friendship.


Subcontractor Testimonials

Greg Lasch Plastering, Inc.

Working for Kevin Williams Construction is always a great experience. Kevin and Ryan are friendly, professional and run an efficient jobsite. They coordinate and schedule their subs so that we can do our best work because we know that the site is prepared and safe for us. They also thoroughly explain the scope of work so we can bid accurately and eliminate foreseeable problems in the field. If problems do arise, Kevin or Ryan are easily accessible, if they’re not already on site, to address the issue and keep things moving without losing time. We are always proud of our work for Kevin Williams Construction because they expect our best, and we’ve never had a bad experience with them in over 15 years.

Greg Lasch – President, Greg Lasch Plastering, Inc.

RAS Construction, Inc.

Kevin Williams brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to each project. His understanding of the structural aspects of a home is outstanding. We work closely on each project, scrutinizing the plans, and problem solving far in advance. Kevin is always onsite overseeing the project, which allows us to react quickly to any issues in the field. If a situation does occur, Kevin, like me, always errs on the side of caution to ensure his homes are structurally sound for years to come. After 32 years in business in Southwest Florida, I can unequivocally say that Kevin Williams Construction is a top-rate operation and a pleasure to work with.

Roger Smith – President, RAS Construction, Inc.

Neapolitan Services, Inc.

I have worked with Kevin Williams for 15 years, and I always look forward to his projects. I know that when I am scheduled to begin work on the pool the area will be ready and available. Kevin expects and demands that the job is done right the first time, which allows me to build a pool that I am proud of and one that I would build for myself. As a subcontractor, having Kevin on site so much allows us to work through any problems quickly. On top of that, Kevin and Ryan are always professional and friendly.

Kevin Kuypers – President, Neapolitan Services, Inc.

Waldron Carpentry LLC

Kevin and Ryan are a pleasure to work for. I have been their framing contractor for over 7 years and each project runs very smoothly. Kevin and Ryan are organized, professional and fair. Kevin’s knowledge of framing helps us plan out the job ahead of time to avoid problems we might otherwise face in the field. If a problem does occur, we work out a solution together so we can keep the project on track. Kevin demands quality work and he, or Ryan, are always onsite to make sure the job is done right. They also communicate well and are precise at scheduling a project, and I know that when work is completed we will be paid in a timely manner. Additionally, Kevin Williams Construction is only one of two builders that I work for that I do not have to file Notice to Owners on.

Bob Waldron – President, Waldron Carpentry LLC

Hatlen Woodworking LLC

The opportunity to work on a Kevin Williams project is a pleasure. His team approach to building creates an environment where everyone is challenged and expected to do their best work. Because he is on the site so much, communication, co-ordination and support between Kevin and the subs, and the subs themselves, keeps the focus on quality and keeps the project flowing. On a business level, the scheduling is accurate, invoices are paid promptly and there is appreciation for a job well done. There is a pride for being part of his team.

Don Hatlen – President, Hatlen Woodworking LLC

Ehlen Floor Covering, Inc.

Kevin Williams Construction is a preferred builder for the following reasons: 1. All subs have worked together on previous Kevin Williams jobs, thus work towards a better product by all. 2. Clean and concise work orders to follow. 3. Kevin or Ryan are ALWAYS available to meet on the job to answer questions in order to better complete the job without costly delays. 4. We at Ehlen Floor Covering prefer to work with Kevin Williams Construction for all the above reasons. We (the subs) all enjoy finishing our projects with Kevin Williams Construction.

Ed Ehlen – President, Ehlen Floor Covering, Inc.